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Ten Pieces

The Ten Pieces project involves ten different pieces of classical music such as ‘Storm’ by Benjamin Britain and ‘A Night on the Bare Mountain’ by Modest Mussorgsky. The BBC are running this project to try and get children to experience a greater range of music. All of the school, from Reception to Year 6, are really enjoying the activities we have been doing.

Reception and Year 1 have been doing art about the piece ‘Storm’. They listened to the music and thought about how it made them feel. After that, they matched these emotions with colours. While listening to the music they used lots of different textures to paint, draw, and even stick on materials.

Year 2 and 3 have done some art work on ‘Storm’ and they are learning a dance based on the music. They are also doing work on ‘A Night on the Bare Mountain’. At the moment they are making some wings for a beast they saw on a video clip from the song. A student from Year 3 called Mabel said “it is fun and enjoyable!”

Year 4 have been very lucky because, with Year 3, they went to Cineworld to watch a film about the Ten Pieces. When they got back to school, they worked on ‘A night on Bare Mountain’. They got into groups and someone in the group laid down on a sheet of paper while someone else drew round them. They stuck masking tape where the child’s bones would be. They then had to paint all over it! After that they peeled the masking tape off and it revealed a skeleton, which looked really impressive!

Year 5 and 6 have also worked on ‘A night on Bare Mountain’. We had to draw on paper with different colours to represent our reactions to the piece of music. Next, we had to get a hoop and put string round it. We had to get different materials including our paper and hang them from the string. We were making ghouls. We are enjoying having them hanging in our classroom!

We are looking forward to doing more activities based on the other pieces, and are enjoying listening to them as we come into and go out of assembly. Some children are learning to play one of the pieces on the piano and trumpet club are planning to use the music as well. Dance and Drama club are using several of the pieces in their work this term.

In the summer term we plan to have a big musical event using all the pieces and showing the art work that we have done throughout the year.


School reporters Bethany and James