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Golden Mile

Please click on the link below to see how we celebrated Christmas while doing the Golden Mile:


On Monday the 29 of October 2014 we had a special assembly called the golden mile launch. 8 lucky people were chosen to monitor all of the different classes involved. We were put into pairs to monitor the classes. So far we have done two golden mile runs.

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As Mrs Wright had told us that we had travelled the same distance in the Golden Mile as it is to France (which is pretty good for a small school like us) we decided to celebrate this. Therefore Mrs Wright invited our parents to join us before school on Friday 28th November to complete two laps each of the Golden Mile track. Anyone that completed this was given a crispy croissant. We can’t wait to get to the next destination although we are still quite far from Egypt. Though in true Hollesley style, this makes us more determined!

Sam, Stevie and Danielle.

As a school, we are taking part in ‘The Golden Mile’ which is a Premier Sport initiative in which we all take part in lots of physical activity. It aims to inspire and encourage everybody to take part and enjoy exercising! Basically it is running or walking around a lap marked out in the field (181metres). We have to keep tally of how many laps each person has completed, and enter them onto a website. Classes are taken out by their teachers, there are lunchtime running clubs twice a week, and there is also a morning before school where children can travel some laps with their parents. Laps completed by parents and staff also contribute to our total! We are also able to include the miles walking to and from the school which are recorded on travel cards and handed in on Fridays.

The school have completed an amazing 1725.79 miles already. The Williams family (Sam, Summa and Sacha) have completed 300 of those miles between them, as they walk to and back from school every day. Year 5 and 6 have done the most miles - they have done over 600 miles. But even the youngest children in Reception and Year 1 have completed 400 miles. By the end of the year we hope to have walked as far as Egypt. The reason we want to make it to Egypt is we were studying the Ancient Egyptians when we started doing the Golden Mile which was in September 2014. We need to travel another 1274.21 to get there!

We were very pleased to discover that we have travelled the most miles out of all schools in Suffolk! There was also a special Golden Mile week (which took place in National Obesity Awareness Week) in which we had to try and do even more exercise than usual. In that week, we completed the most miles out of all of the schools taking part in the whole country!  We hope that we can keep going and win the next Golden Mile tournament as well as getting very fit.

School reporters Bethany and James

January 2016

We have now travelled 2,978 miles on our way to Rio with a further 4,034 to go! After another 602 miles we will reach Dakar in Senegal and will then make the virtual journey across the Atlantic to Brazil.

Thank you for your support but we are asking for even more support because we have received a challenge from another school! They say that they have heard that we are pretty good but they would like to challenge us to do more miles during February. We’ve never been challenged before and it is very exciting, so please support by encouraging your child to do laps before school and accompanying them if you can (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings). If your child walks to school please make sure they bring their travel card in every Friday so that distances can be recorded each week. The Golden Mile reps in Y6 are encouraging all children to complete laps so that they will have travelled at least 50 miles by the end of the year. Even if you live too far to walk to school, if you park at the Shepherd and Dog and walk through the allotments it will add a quarter of a mile each way each day!