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Key Stage 1 Nativity Play

Reception and Key Stage 1 Nativity Play

On Monday 9th December, Reception and Key Stage 1 put on a stunning performance of “A Midwife Crisis”. It was extremely entertaining and they all did very well. Lilly in Year 1 was incredibly brave and sang a wonderful solo. Austeja in Year 2 did brilliantly as the midwife (the main character) along with Steve the donkey (played by Oliver in Year 1) who also did wonderfully well.

The play was about Jesus being born and a midwife with her donkey trying to get to him to help. They asked many people where he was, and it turned out he was not being born in a palace, he was being born in a stable! In the end, when she arrived she discovered that she had already missed the birth, and she realised that Jesus didn’t need her, she needed him. They all did very well and put on a very good performance. The parents who came to watch it loved it, and so did the children who watched the dress rehearsal in assembly on Friday. Overall it was an amazingly funny version of the nativity, and we would love to see it again.

The teachers said, “Everyone put so much effort into it and it really paid off.” The children in the play said that they really enjoyed performing on stage (some for the first time). Darcy (who was in the audience) said, “It was an awesome play and I really liked it. It was definitely worth my time.”

Austeja said, “I enjoyed it a lot, even though I was a bit nervous at the start.” Lots of children said their favourite bit was when Steve the donkey found his cousin Nigel, and together they went: “Steve!”,“Nigel!”.

So, it looks like they all loved doing their play, and we’re glad they did.

By Lauren, Millie and Billy

BT Trips and Sports Tournaments

BT Trips

On Wednesday 6th November, Year 6 went to BT to take part in Rescue Simulation (CoSpace). CoSpace is a coding competition where you program a robot to go around collecting and depositing coloured blocks which are worth points. There are traps which take your points away if you go in them. One of our teams came 6th place in the competition. It was great fun and we learnt a lot.

On Friday 15th November, Year 4 also went to BT. This time they learnt how to program a robot to kick a ball, which was inspired by the 2016 robot football tournament in Japan. Lucas said “I really enjoyed it, and I would definitely like to go again!” They all seem to have really enjoyed it!


Sports Tournaments

On Monday 4th November, some Year 5 and 6’s went to Ransomes Sports Centre in Ipswich. “Ruggers was AWESOME!” Billy told us when he came back. “We won 3, drew 1 and lost 1, so overall we did pretty well.”

First of all, they went outside and practised catching a ball. “Then I got hit by one!” Millie says. After that, they went into their first match. They tried their best, persevered, and didn’t argue. Then they went to their other 4 matches and played well again. At the end, they awarded the Fair Play award to one person in each school. Ours was Josh because he persevered even when he injured his hand, and always congratulated the opposition. Everyone thought he deserved it and it inspired everyone else to play like him.

On Tuesday 5th November 2019, some Year 5 and 6’s went to a football tournament at Ipswich High School.  First they practised their shooting and defending skills. After that, they ate their lunch and got ready for the match. They lost, only scoring one goal unfortunately (scored by Billy), but they still enjoyed it.

By Millie, Lauren and Billy











On 23rd and 24th September 2019, year five and a few year sixes did Bike Ability – a course that children can take that helps them with their bike safety on the road.

First of all they had to discuss all the different parts of the bike and how to keep it safe to ride, such as checking if the chain was rusty or if the brakes worked. After that they formed a circle and rode around it on their bikes, each time they went between the blue cones doing whatever the instructors had called out e.g. one hand on the helmet, or pointing to the right. This helped them with indicating practise. This was a little bit tricky, but a vital part of the learning, because, to pass the test, they had to be able to indicate easily and without hesitation. Then they had playtime and a little rest.

Next, they learnt how to look over their shoulders when cycling. This was so they could check for cars, before they got on the bike, during the bike ride, and before and after getting off the bike. After lunch, the people who passed the morning went on the road. They learnt 3 positions on their bikes, including holding, start and stop, and sharing position. They also learnt how to stay safe on the road. Next, they learnt how to do a U-turn: ride down the road a little way then stop, look behind your shoulder then do a U-turn then ride back to the start. Lacey said, “ I enjoyed it a lot, I really liked it, but it was quite nerve racking because I kept slipping on my bike and heard cars behind me but I got back on and just kept on going.” So it looks like they learnt a lot and it really helped them to stay safe on the road. All of them said they would do it again if they could.

By Lauren and Billy

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