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Police Visit

On Tuesday 28th June Reception and Year 1 were very lucky to have a visit from two Police Community Support Officers from Woodbridge Police Station. They told us about their jobs and we tried on some police hats and coats. We then went outside to look in the back of the Police car and we learnt about the radios.  They put on the blue lights and we also heard the siren! Next we had a story it was called P.C. Polly and it was about a lost dog and some lost sausages and we all liked the story.  They reminded us about the 999 number and that we should always wear our seatbelts and cycle helmets and we should remind our parents and friends to wear them as well. Then they gave us some stickers and pictures to colour in. Our favourite part was when we sat in the police car as it had lots of flashing lights.

By Isla and Daniel

Year 1

Girls' Football Match at Melton School


On the 22nd of June a girls’ football match was held at Melton School. The team was made up of 9 players: Mabel and Ellie (year 4), Katie, Geraldine, Evie and Eloise (year 5) and Hollie, Daisy, Stevie and Danielle (year 6). The reason we decided to take part in a friendly match was because Melton School challenged us, but also because we want to develop our skills. Before the game, we practised and practised during our lunch times.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          At the beginning it was even, however Melton scored a great goal making it 1:0, but we were still hopeful as Daisy did an awesome shot, in the second third of the match… and scored! We were so pleased but even though we had another two very close shots on target they were both saved and after our team let in an unfortunate six goals they won 7:1. However we’ve made history as the very first girls’ team at Hollesley.   

Staying Safe in the Sun


On Tuesday 7th of June a man called Tony, who is an educator for ‘Cancer Campaign in Suffolk’ came in to tell us how to stay safe in the sun. When he visited year 6 he asked the class who had sunscreen and only a few people had their hand up! Then he showed us a video, at the beginning it said count how many times the ball gets thrown by the people in white. In the middle of the video a person in a gorilla costume came and danced in the middle of the screen. Only two children didn’t see it.

After that he showed us a presentation about how to stay safe in the sun. He told us it is bad to tan because it damages our skin. He also said on a hot sunny day he said that you should always wear sun cream and sun hats.

Then we dressed up a classmate in random clothes and decided if it was suitable or not. At first, the clothes weren’t suitable, so Tony helped us put on the right clothes. After that, we all chose a hat from the box and Tony went through hat, telling us if they were good hats or not.

Finally we were taught a poem about keeping safe in the sun. It went like this: slip on protective clothing, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a suitable sun hat, seek the shade and slide on some protective sunglasses.

By Austin, Dafydd and Hollie

Year 6 Tests