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Entitlement to free home-to-school transport

The general policy of the County Council is that free home-to school transport is provided only for children of compulsory school age (5 years up to 16 years) who:

  • are under 8 years of age and live two miles or more from the catchment school or nearest school; or
  • are 8 years of age and over and live three miles or more from the catchment school or nearest school.

Free home-to-school transport may be provided for students with learning difficulties and disabilities in mainstream education, at special schools and special units, where it is accepted that transport is necessary to enable access to the education they require.

For full details of the home-to-school transport scheme, to make an application for school transport and access to online payments go to the Suffolk Onboard website.

School transport is organised by the County Transport Department and further information about entitlement to transport is available from there on 01473 265064.

Discretionary travel schemes

There are a number of different discretionary schemes for children of compulsory school age and for students with learning disabilities and or disabilities. These schemes can provide assistance to children who do not meet the criteria to qualify for free travel.

For details about all the discretionary transport schemes and expression of interest forms go to the school transport pages on Suffolk Onboard.

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