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Spring 2019

Art / DT Deconstructing and Reconstructing

London February 2019

Stone Age - Iron Age (Spring 2018)

As part of our Topic, we have begun to learn about Skara Brae. The Otters have already discovered that Skara Brae is situated in the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland. Surprisingly, the well preserved stone houses were only rediscovered when a violent storm eroded earth that had covered the buildings for some 3000 years. William Watt (whilst out walking after the storm) saw some stones sticking out of the ground and began digging. In the end, 8 dwellings were found. The latter buildings were larger and more rectangular. The Otters have found that this inferred that not only were Stone Age people becoming more settled and less nomadic, as they would not pack up and transport stone buildings around with them, but also the settlement must have been successful at developing farming and storing foods to enable the population to increase over time to such an extent that they adapted their living conditions.

PE - Dance from other Cultures.

As we are studying dance, we decided to link this to tribal culture (linking PE to the Stone Age / Iron Age) and wanted to create a tribal challenge. The most famous challenge we could think of is the Haka. On day one we thought we would see what we knew by asking everyone to do what they thought a Haka looks like. Then we learnt a version of the Ka Mate Haka. The results after the first lesson were extremely encouraging.


Glebe House Carols

The Otters were proud to have been invited to Glebe House to sing carols and play their instruments. From The First Noel to We Wish you a Merry Christmas, they sang beautifully and had some of the reidents singing along too. Well done to everybody, the violins and brass are improving all the time. Keep it up!

We would like to thank all those at Glebe House for inviting us, and for being so generous as to provide the class with drinks and cake (a most welcome surprise).

Autumn 2017

We have been learning Spanish and  learning Maths, so we thought we'd put them together and use our Maths skills in Spanish. We calculated the answers to problems in order to find a number, then we had to translate the English (e.g. seventeen) into Spanish and then work out the colour (in Spanish). Only then could we to find out which colour we had to use for each area...a bit like painting by 'Los Colores'!



Today we have learnt how to and ask each other 'How are you?' and reply. Not a bad first go, and we had many willing to take a risk and try out for a role as our lead actors. Here are this week's winners. Well done.



This term, we have been learning about printing and have tried our hand at some block style printing.

Before we could do this, we had a go at negative printing to create backgrounds for our Remembrance Day artwork.

Once we had got used to rolling out the inks  and the way they felt on the paper, we began using a single colour before progressing to two colours using the same block.

We thought it would be easy, however we soon realised that we needed to think backwards, as the first print would be almost completely covered by the second. We worked out that our first print had to use lighter colours and with the smaller details on it, whereas the second print would have our main colour, and have to allow the first colour to show through.

Co-Space 2017

Early this term, some of The Otters travelled to Adastral Park in Martlesham (the home of B.T.) and took part in a day of programming. From no experience of the software, the students all applied themselves brilliantly, and worked in pairs to write, run, debug and launch their program which was written to control a virtual robot on screen.

The task was to pick up, and deposit as many multi-coloured blocks as possible, whilst avoiding the dreaded pit of doom. However, they were not alone, every match was against another team, from a rival school. This meant even a perfectly programmed robot could be knocked off course and end up losing all their points. The programming was completed in stages, with support from BT engineers and a surprise visitor, Mr. Claxton (who helped out with a few technical issues at the beginning). The students listened to input, worked on their programs and continually improved showing real resilience, relationship skills, readiness and responsibilty.

3rd Place!

Through the battle rounds, games were won and lost, but all scores were added to find those with the highest score throughout the day.

In the end, with a score of nearly 1500 points, Lilly and Alfie came third. Congratulations!

Great day of learning.

The pairs worked so well, behaved impeccably and were a pleasure to take on the bus with Bawdsey. Thank you, and well done.

We would also like to thank all the engineers, staff at BT and Mr Claxton for making this day so enjoyable and successful.

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