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Clubs Timetable

A range of clubs and activities are open to the children, both after school and at lunchtime. Clubs for Autumn 2017 include:







At lunchtime

Chess – Mr St. (KS2)

Story/lego club – Mrs Ed (All)

Recorders – Miss D (All)


Art Club – Mrs P. (All)



Wildlife club – Mr B & Miss P (KS2) 

After school



Netball/pilates – Miss W (Yr 4-6)

EVNU – Church (All)

Fitness – Mr P (KS2)

Football –Mr G (All)

Gym club – Mrs B (Yr1-3)

Chess Club

Day: Mondays

Time: Lunchtime

Year: All years


Art Club

Day: Wednesdays

Time: Lunchtime

Year: All years