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In line with the new curriculum, children at Hollesley learn to program from Reception through to Year 6. This starts with pressing arrow buttons to control floor robots and sees them progress through to use Scratch and similar building-block style languages. Some, in Years 5&6, will also go on to be introduced to text based languages such as Python and C#.

Children also learn what the Internet is and how to use the services it provides, including the WWW and email, safely and with respect for others. They learn to use a range of different software and to use these across all curriculum areas. They also have the opportunity to develop mouse and typing skills from an early age.

Children learn to use a range of hardware, including input and output devices used in conjunction with their coding to help them understand how computers receive input from, and control the performance of, physical devices.

Older children are encouraged to extend their interest in computing beyond school, through an extra-curricular coding club and attending CoSpace days at BT and Raspberry Pi days at Kesgrave.

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