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The school councils from the three Peninsula Schools met in November to produce an anti-bullying video which can be viewed by clicking below.

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Alfie Strange

On Tuesday 8th March some actors from the New Wolsey Theatre came in to show us a play that they had made. All of year 3 and 4 from Hollesley, Sandlings and Bawdsey Primary schools were able to watch this. The play was very enjoyable and amusing; there were some very funny characters. There were also some historical characters such as: a Roman warrior, a Celt, an Anglo Saxon, a Tudor, and a Suffragette. We learnt many interesting facts about history. We also learnt about our British values which are: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. It was very good! We would recommend it to others.


                         By Sam Marsh and Mabel Coulter   -   Year 4

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